Always Safe ~ Written By ©Diana Ring

I live in a house with my Mommy and Daddy, and our dog too.

A Mommy and Daddy Bird built their nest in one of our flower baskets hanging on our front porch.

The Mommy and Daddy Birds knew that it was the perfect place to build their home. They knew it would be a very safe place.

My Mommy and I read about our new neighbors online in our computer. I learned that they are Mourning Doves. I loved the sound that they made, “Woo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo.”

One day, the Mommy Bird laid a white egg in their next in our flower basket. I could see in their nest when my Mommy and Daddy would lift me up to peek in.

My Mommy and Daddy told me that we could never touch the net or the egg. If we waited, one day soon, the Baby Bird Egg would hatch and there would be a Baby Bird living in our flower basket.

Every day, the Mommy and Daddy Birds took turns staying with their Baby Egg. The Baby Egg was never alone. It was always safe.

My Mommy told me to not tell anyone about our Bird nest. She said that the Birds would be scared if too many strange eyes were looking at them. My Mommy and Daddy told me that anyone I don’t know is a stranger, and that I should never talk to strangers.

One day, the Baby Egg hatched and there was a Baby Bird in our next. I was so happy. The Baby Bird was very little and very fuzzy.





Every day, I watched to see what I could see. Every day, I could see the Baby Bird growing bigger and bigger.

One day the Baby Bird was fuzzy. One day the Baby Bird had smooth feathers, just like the Mommy and Daddy Birds.

We named the Baby Bird Siena because that’s the name of our street.

One morning, the Baby Bird was in the nest by herself and I was worried. Where was the Mommy Bird?

Where was the Daddy Bird?





Later that morning, Daddy Bird came home to the nest and I watched as the Baby Bird spread her wings and gave herself a bath. Every day before, the Mommy or Daddy Bird had bathed her. Today was different. But why?

The Baby Bird was beginning to walk about the nest in our hanging flower basket. The Baby Bird was beginning to look out at everything outside of the nest.





My Mommy told me that the Baby Bird was getting older. Baby Bird was becoming stronger. Soon, the Baby Bird would be able to take care of herself. The Mommy and Daddy Birds were always close by. The Baby Bird could always had the Mommy or Daddy Bird’s “Woo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo”.

The next day when I looked out into our hanging basket, there was no one in there. My Mommy and I went outside to look for our little feathered neighbors, and the Baby Bird was walking along our path with her Mommy and Daddy. She had flown out of the next.





Later that day, we saw the Baby Bird up on the wall. The Baby Bird was sitting there with her Mommy and Daddy. She was stretching her wings. My Mommy said she was taking baby steps, learning how to fly, just like I did when I learned how to walk.

Before dinner, on that day when Baby Bird flew out of her nest of the first time, we saw her with her Mommy and Daddy as they proudly watched her. She had flown from the wall to ur neighbor’s front yard. She was taking baby steps. I wondered if she would fly back into the next for he bedtime. She did not. When we read about Mourning Doves, we learned that once Siena would leave the nest, she would not go back. I knew I would miss her, but I was happy for her that she was flying all over our neighborhood now. It must be so much fun to fly like that. 





Later that day before bedtime, our Bird Family had moved away. My Mommy told me that the Mommy and Daddy Birds would be back again next spring to have more Baby Eggs. I will make sure that our hanging basket will be ready for more Baby Birds next spring. And I’ll always be look out for Siena. I think she’ll remember me too.

Of all of the hanging baskets in our neighborhood, they picked the one on our front porch. It was the perfect place for them to feel safe. My Mommy and Daddy are always watching out for me just like Baby Bird’s Mommy and Daddy watch out for her. I feel safe here too. I’m happy that they did too.

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