My Heart Opening Life Journeys

“This journey to Micronesia greatly shifted my perspective about my own life. Because of it, I became more aware of seeing life through my own heart’s perspective.  Seeing life’s experiences by feeling everything through the filter of the heart is powerful and can be transforming.  I believe that this book represents a stepping off point for me to begin living A Heart Opening Life…”


“In Northern Sulawesi on the Island of Bunaken, I saw a Muslim Mosque and a Protestant Church standing gloriously along the island’s shoreline, almost side by side.  Here at the belly of Mother Earth, where Mosques and Churches are able to be as they are, side by side, may this dynamic serve as our example the world over…”



“I see The Hawaiian Islands as an Ohana (Family) of people with different personalities and stories that make them who they are. I would like to introduce you to each of them as seen through the filter of my experiences with this Heart Opening Life Journey of mine…”



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