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Through my Writing and Photography, it is my mission to see the world with my heart wide open and leave a heart-felt imprint as my legacy. With this weekly blog, I will be sharing my life’s lessons through my experiences and circumstances, hoping that others who find their way here might also feel inspired to experience life differently…WEEKLY BLOG TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Daily Sunset Journal                                                                                                                                                           

Every day at sunset for three years, I would take a photograph and then write about My Heart Opening Life learning for the day. I began this process of self-exploration following my own cancer chapter, which was my personal awakening that empowered me with being able to choose “Life.” There are 1,014 Daily Sunset Journal entries about my own Heart Opening Life learning that I wrote between January 1, 2010 and October 8, 2012…

My Heart Opening Life Journeys                                                                                                                          

Besides my passion for writing and photography, I have been scuba diving since 1992.  One decade into my career in communications and marketing, I temporarily swam away from the corporate ladder and worked aboard live-aboard dive boats in the Caribbean and Central America.  I often say that I feel more at peace and of my true essence when I am underwater. Dropping below the surface and descending through atmospheres held within the water column, it is one of my favorite experiences.  I have spent a lot of time underwater; so far, in:  The Bahamas diving with sharks, The Bay Islands of Honduras, Bonaire, The Cayman Islands, The Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California, Florida’s coastal waters, The Federated States of Micronesia, The Hawaiian Islands and Indonesia…     

In the same year that my first blog (Daily Sunset Journal) was birthed, I wrote Dive In Peace, My Heart Opening Life Journey to Micronesia where I learned to open to my own inner peace.  A year later, I traveled to Indonesia and wrote Terima Kasih, My Heart Opening Life Journey (translation…thank you…I am open to receiving with gratitude) where I truly did open to receiving.  Soon after, I traveled to the Hawaiian Islands where I opened to loving myself.  It was time for me to acknowledge the voice of my Inner Child Self and become my own very best Mother.  My third book birthed was Aloha No Ka Oui…(translation…the aloha spirit is the best). With each photo captured through my camera lenses as my filters (both on land and underwater), I have shared an inspiration of learning from each.  Each photo begins with a question that I have asked myself throughout each journey with my daily journaling…                        

I am now breathing life into my three travel books that have been silenced in my computer’s folders for nearly a decade.  I am immensely grateful to the dozen or so friends who supported my dream in the moment, by paying a ridiculous cover price for these three books that I printed through iBooks…FREE DOWNLOADS are now available here…

Dive In Peace                                                                                                                                                                                     

“I had been plodding along in my life, and then this dive trip showed up one day through my local dive shop and I said, “Yes.” I knew this journey was going to feel like an electric current surging through a defibrillator to jump start my heart. Intuitively, I felt that without this trip’s electric current surging through my life, I would continue to die. Experiencing life in the world beyond my own day to day always seems to bring me back from what sometimes feels like a flatlining existence. It had been too long since my last “shock therapy” and I had been feeling more numb than alive…”

Terima Kasih                                                                                                                                                                        

“Before we had loaded our bags onto the bus that transported us from the airport to the dive resort, I had learned that, “Terima Kasih” (pronounced Tereema Kasee) means “Thank you.” Now…skip to the next day when we were in between dives two and three on our first day of diving, and we had just finished lunch. I was reviewing my new and growing vocabulary with the dive crew.  Two of our guides taught me on this day that, “Terima” actually means “Receiving” and “Kasih” means “LOVE.” What a beautiful translation. With this second of My Heart Opening Life Journeys, I truly learned in so many ways about “Terima Kasih”…receiving love…”

Aloha No Ka Oui                                                                                                                                                                            

“A Tree is a universal symbol of the interconnectedness of all Life on Earth.  As you open to the beginning pages of this journey, I share why I have named this book Aloha No Ka Oui.  This beautiful Hau Tree who graces the cover of my book, provided the first seed of thought planted within me for my birthing of this title. As I sat beneath her, I felt immediately connected with her because of her Heart shaped leaves. Because of this Tree, I felt like one leaf surrounded by many. I was not alone. I was allOne.”

Heart Opening Perspectives

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved to “tell” stories.  I remember performing in front of my friends in my childhood neighborhood, creating stories and songs in the moment.  Even though finding my way through to being a Writer who shares beyond my own inner circle has not come easily or sooner in my life, I have learned to accept that everything happens when and how it needs to.  A friend once reassured me that, “It makes sense to wait to become a Writer later in life.” “Why?” “Because a Writer needs real life experiences about which s/he can write with more depth and greater perspective.”  This is a gift of words that I often turn to when I am feeling stuck in purgatory like my creations in my drawers; feeling that time is running out for me to become a Writer.

I am now allowing my creations that have been stuck in my drawers and computer’s folders to emerge from their purgatory…

Through My Lens Perspectives                                                                                                                                               

I am never alone, when I am holding my camera in my hand.  For someone like me who has lived her life feeling safe and secure when being able to control what she can in her immediate surroundings; being able to control what is seen through the perspective of my lens is a perfect relationship dynamic…

Children’s Corner                                                                                                                                                                             

I have eleven short stories that subliminally teach Children 6-12 years of age about challenges that our Society faces: Racism, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Divorce, Addiction, even Bio-Magnification, and etc.  Without ever mentioning the spotlit “challenge,” each story imparts learning with how to grow through the “challenge” by sharing a Marine Character’s Life Experience in our Oceans.  Through my diving, I have observed how Marine Critters can teach our Youth (Adults too!) about themselves by sharing their own stories…all because of a Dusky Damselfish (who I have named Dudley), who I met on a sea mount five miles offshore, while diving in The Bay Islands of Honduras.

I wrote these stories more than twenty-years ago.  Finally, I am releasing them from the purgatory of my drawers and computer’s folders…

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