Terima Kasih, Indonesia

“I traveled for thirty-seven hours door to door with my local dive shop, to experience the diving and culture of Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The people in this part of our world felt like a “HUG.”  What I observed everywhere about the people of Indonesia, they are joy-full and open to receiving everything that feels happy.  From the moment that we were greeted at the airport in Manado, I felt an easy going and kindred connection with everyone…able to speak and laugh with them, as if we had known each other always.  I do believe that they brought out the very best in me.  Oh the gift of being able to feel yourself at your best, with such a pure and balanced exchange of energy.  In moments like these, you truly know that you belong where you are.

The people of Manado with whom I interacted, took great pleasure and displayed great pride in teaching me some key words and phrases of their Muslim dialect.  I took it all in, as if I were learning to speak for the first time.  With every memory recounted, I can feel that look on their faces when I responded to them with a word that they had taught me.  Time stopped as they beamed with delight.  Even when they called role at the end of each dive to ensure that we had all returned to the boat, I responded with, “Ada!” to signify that I was, “Here!”  This sense of connectedness is so easy to gift to another.  I surely don’t know why we all don’t try to create this for ourselves as part of our everyday.  These simple expressions of connectedness would surely shift the energy of our world for the better.

A very special moment of learning for me that I want to share here…before we had loaded our bags onto the bus that transported us from the airport to the dive resort, I had learned that, “Terima Kasih” (pronounced Tereema Kasee) means “Thank you.”  Now…skip to the next day when we were in between dives two and three on our first day of diving, and we had just finished lunch.  I was reviewing my new and growing vocabulary with the dive crew.  Two of our guides taught me on this day that, “Terima” actually means “Receiving” and “Kasih” means “LOVE.”  What a beautiful translation.  With this second of My Heart Opening Life Journeys, I truly learned in so many ways about “Terima Kasih”…receiving love.

During our first week of diving, we were doing a drift dive off of Bunaken Island.  I was probably in eighty-feet of water, and no one was around me.  The current was carrying us along the face of the wall at a good speed.  In a passing moment, I saw a barrel sponge shaped like a Heart.  I was not going to pass that sponge by without a photo of it.  I kicked and kicked against the current and fired off a shot and hoped for the best.  That Heart shaped barrel sponge is now the cover photo of “Terima Kasih.”  It was my synchronistic sign that I had come here to open my Heart to receiving Love.  I will forevermore feel something more meaningful when I say, “Thank you.”  With every “Thank you,” I will truly be deeply grateful…as I am allowing myself to receive LOVE.  And yes, “LOVE is all that there is.”  I am truly and deeply grateful to the people of Manado for teaching me unexpectedly that 1.  by opening myself to receive, I am receiving LOVE that nurtures; and 2.  if it does not feel like LOVE…if it does not feel good, then it is not worthy of receiving…of taking it within.

Are you open to “Terima Kasih”?  Spread these words with me… “Terima Kasih!””